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Dr Marko Saravanja

Dr Marko Saravanja is the founder and chairperson of the Regenesys Group. Marko has a Masters Degree in Management and Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. He obtained his PhD in Performance Management and was a finalist in Ernst and Young’s World Entrepreneurship Awards in 2009. He has served on the Advisory Board of First National Bank in South Africa. Marko has delivered inspirational talks internationally for large corporates and governments. His programmes have inspired, changed lives and energised thousands of people from across the world. Marko has written a widely acclaimed book called ‘Secrets of Success’.

Wayne Song

Wayne is currently the Chief Financial Officer for MyWealth Investments. He is responsible for the financial strategic direction of the business. Wayne often facilitates the Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions and Economic modules for the Regenesys Business School.  Wayne is a qualified CA(SA). He holds a professional membership with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Carl Isernhinke

Carl Isernhinke is the Key Individual at MyWealth. Carl’s background and training lies in actuarial science where he began as a derivatives and quantitative analyst for an actuarial consultancy. Over the years, Carl has managed to build himself an impressive professional profile which boasts the build-up of several asset management systems for several high-profile financial service companies as an investment portfolio manager, including PSG Escher, Absa Capital, Clade Asset Management, and Sasfin Asset Managers. He is currently consulting and the Key Individual at Lunar Capital and Global & Local, When not crunching numbers, Carl can be found training in cirque arts and performance at The CIRK. He is an accomplished aerialist, specialising in trapeze, and has experience performing for local as well as international audiences.

Tanya Anirudh

Tanya is the General Manager of MyWealth Investments. She has been in the Financial Services industry for 20 years and has accumulated vast practical knowledge and experience. Tanya also frequently facilitates the Finance modules on the senior programmes for the Regenesys Business School. She believes the only way to build your business is by building your people and putting your client first. 
Tanya holds a Masters Degree in Business Leadership, BCom Degree in Financial Management, Diploma in Commercial Practice as well as various insurance related qualifications. 

Bongani Mudlalose

Bongani is the Accounts Executive for MyWealth Investments. He heads the student loans division. He has been in the financial and educational industry for the past 12 years and has built up great background experience that has contributed to the growth of Mywealth Investments. He also frequently facilitates the banking modules for Regenesys Business School. He has a drive and passion for service quality and is a determined and disciplined professional. Bongani holds a BA Hons in Corporate Communications.