Annatjie van Rooyen
Dr Marko Saravanja

Brief profile of Dr Marko Saravanja

Marko has been an entrepreneur, a development worker and an academic. Marko obtained his PhD in Performance Management. He was a finalist in the Ernst Young World Entrepreneurship Awards in 2009. Marko serves on boards of several private and non-profit companies, and he has served on the Advisory Board of First National Bank in South Africa. Marko’s programmes and talks have inspired and touched lives of hundreds of thousands of people from across the world. Marko has written the book Secrets of Success.

Croatian born, Marko has lived a life of extremes, taken roads less travelled, continuously pushed his boundaries of comfort, taken risks and explored the unknown. He lived an ascetic life for seven years, helping poverty stricken communities to access education, health and employment opportunities. Marko has climbed Kilimanjaro, scuba dived, parachuted, and travelled to 70 countries. His additional interests include investments, stock market trading, yoga, tennis, golf and helicopter flying.

He started Education for All, a digital education initiative to provide access to high quality higher education to the world. Marko has expanded Regenesys internationally, started investment, recruitment and travel businesses in Croatia, India, Nigeria and South Africa, cofounded the BRICS Institute, and created the Regenesys Foundation. Marko’s purpose in life is to help people awaken their potential and achieve their dreams.

Wayne Song

Wayne is currently the Chief Financial Officer for MyWealth Investments. He is responsible for the financial strategic direction of the business. Wayne often facilitates the Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions and Economic modules for the Regenesys Business School.  Wayne is a qualified CA(SA). He holds a professional membership with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Annatjie Van ROOYEN

Annatjie has 22 years experience in the investment industry, 10 of which have been spent with specialisation in derivatives. She has successfully completed the JSE Membership Exams, all five modules of RPE, JSE Traders Exam and Regulatory Exams RE1 (Key Individual), RE3 (Key Individual Hedge Fund) and RE5 (Representative).

Annatjie started her career as an accountant at Standard Merchant Bank and worked herself up to the position of Director at Standard Equities. Later, she was employed as the Head of Dealing at BoE (currently referred to as Nedbank Private Wealth). At BoE she launched the BoE Alpha Fund, a Long/Short Equity Fund that was nominated as the top new fund in 2007. She started her own firm in 2009, specialising in asset management and consulting, and she is currently the CEO of MyWealth Investments (Pty) Ltd.

John Pic 2
John booyens

John Booyens is the risk manager of MyWealth Investments (Pty) Ld. He has been in the Financial Services and Education industries for over 25 years and has accumulated vast practical knowledge and experience. He worked for Standard Bank of South Africa for over 10 years in various senior managerial roles varying from research and product development, retail credit as well as call centre management.

He has also worked at a number of Private Higher Education Institutions as Head of Business School, Campus Principal and Managing Executive. John also frequently facilitates the Finance modules for Regenesys Business School.

John currently heads up the student loan department, debt collection and internal compliance function of MyWealth Investments. He has a passion for education as well as finance and firmly believes that success is a journey and not a destination. John holds a BSC degree in Mathematical Science as well as a BCOM (Hons) degree in Econometrics.

Bongani Mdlalose

Bongani is the representative for MyWealth Investments. He has been overseeing the student loans division for the past 5 years. He has been in the financial and educational industry for the past 12 years and has built up great background experience that has contributed to the growth of Mywealth Investments.

He also frequently facilitates the banking modules for Regenesys Business School. He has a drive and passion for service quality and is a determined and disciplined professional. Bongani holds a BA Hons in Corporate Communications.