Discretionary Asset Management

Discretionary Asset Management

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Insurance Products

Our Long Term and Short Term Insurance products are personalised; that is, forged on a case-by-case basis. MyWealth provides comprehensive cover for you and your family in case of disability, severe illness, and death. We also offer car insurance and house insurance that are carefully crafted to mitigate risk and, on the other hand, allow you to live life to the fullest.

Discretionary Asset Management

Thanks to many years of experience and a good understanding of the market, our highly skilled Portfolio Managers are primed to help you decide which offering or product will be best for you and your investment goals. As certified Investment Managers, we buy and sell assets based on our well-informed discretion and in the best interest of the client – every time.

Student Loans

As part of the Regenesys Group, MyWealth Investments provides Student Loans to students who wish to achieve academic freedom. We understand that many students do not have money or sponsors to provide the funds to further their studies. To mitigate that, MyWealth offers competitive and flexible Student Loans to cover the cost of acquiring a world-class education towards obtaining any of the highly sought-after qualifications from Regenesys Business School. MyWealth Investments helps potential and qualifying students to sort out their financial hurdles, thanks to cutting edge technology and smart financial engineering. We offer Student Loans through Standard Bank and ABSA as well as in-house Student Loans. As Regenesys does, MyWealth Investments also believe that all students should have access to education and not be barred by a lack of funding.

Business Consultancy

MyWealth Investments (Pty) Ltd is a company specialized in start-up, development and growth of companies operating in the SA Financial Services market. The mission of the company is to ensure that clients remain compliant with the Regulatory requirements in SA. A team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have been partners in business for 11 years, offer a wide range of services to assist with top quality business management.

Featured Services

Direct Equity Investments

Buying shares from listed companies requires a good knowledge of the sector, structure of the firm, and the entire industry the company operates in, as well as macro economic factors, and more. Professional fund manages understand these terrains and can help investors safely navigate the Direct Equity Investments maze.

Online Trading

From Stocks to Bonds and Cryptocurrencies, online trading is becoming an attractive option for many to make money. MyWealth Investments is represented by a team of skilled and competent individuals with years of experience in this field.

Long Term Insurance

Life-changing events that will alter you and your family’s lifestyle can be quite devastating if not prepared for. Situations like permanent disability, retirement (without a pension), or even death, can be covered so that you (or your dependants) get a lump sum payout or long term funds to continue living normally.

Short Term Insurance

Car Insurance and House Insurance are two major features in the Short Term Insurance segment. MyWealth Investments is vastly experinced in this field and is prepped to help its clients to choose the best insurance options that will suit their individual needs as well as protect them from adverse eventualities.

Medical Aid and Medical Aid (GAP Cover)

While insurance companies do actually provide relief (in the form of aid) in times of crises, signing up for Medical Aid (GAP Cover) is a wise option to further give you and your family peace of mind, rest assured that the gap between what the insurance company provides and what you actually require is also covered sufficiently.

Unit Trust Investments

The investment world can be quite profitable but involves some level of risks. As such, professional Fund Managers step in to help investor-clients to manage pooled funds. Unit Trust Investment is one tool MyWealth Investments uses to help our clients meet their objectives and achieve their dreams.