Welcome to MyWealth Investments

My Wealth encapsulates the philosophy of taking ownership of your financial freedom. We are a proud member of the Regenesys Group.
MyWealth Investments equips you with the tools to create, grow and sustain wealth in the financial markets.

We are committed to guiding our clients through the financial markets and we are uniquely positioned to offer professional advice and services to individuals who are interested or currently investing in the global financial markets.

MyWealth Investments is a comprehensive and authorised financial services provider. We provide education, research, financial planning, advisory, investment and trading services to Regenesys students, alumni, staff and the general public.

Through learning programmes, investment club meetings, bespoke research and personal consultations, MyWealth Investments helps its clients to navigate and grow in the world of finance and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Create, Grow and Sustain.

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