lnsurance Products

Short-term lnsurance

Personal Insurance
MyWealth Investments is vastly experienced to assist clients to choose the best insurance options to suit their individual needs as well as protect them from adverse eventualities.
We offer insurance for motor vehicles, buildings and house content, personal effects and watercraft insurance.

Commercial Insurance
MyWealth Investments offer a range of business insurance solutions to fit the needs and risk of business clients.

Value Added Insurance
-Cyber Crime
-Pothole Assist

Long-term lnsurance

Life-changing events which are not prepared for can be for your loved ones.
Situations like permanent disability, retirement (without a pension), or even death, can be covered so that you (or your loved once) get a lump sum payout or long term monthly income to continue living normally.
MyWealth can assist with:

-Life Insurance

-Disability Cover

-Critical Illness

-Income Protection

-Funeral Insurance
Comprehensive cover for the insured and his/her family.


MyWealth Investments provides a range of investment solutions, including:
-Retirement annuities
-Offshore investments
-Lump sum investments
-Pension / Provident fund
-Unit Trust Investments
Our team of specialists are able to assist clients to make informed decision regarding their investments.
Investments provide good returns over the long term however all investments carries some level of risks.
As such, professional Fund Managers step in to help investor-clients to manage pooled funds. Unit Trust Investment is one tool MyWealth Investments uses to help our clients meet their objectives and achieve financial freedom.

Health lnsurance

Medical Aid
Medical Aid insurance provides financial cover for treatment and medical related expenses in return for a monthly premium.

In the event of an illness or medical emergency, your health care needs will be taken care of.

Gap Cover
Provides peace of mind to you and your family that the medical expense shortfalls between what your medical aid scheme pays from the savings or risk benefit and what your doctor’s, specialist or hospital charges is sufficiently covered.

Funeral Cover

My Wealth Investments provides comprehensive cover for the insured and his/her family following the loss of a loved one.

Last Will & Testament & Executor Fees Protect

Fees Protect provides a Will and cover for the professional fees charged by an Executor to wind up a deceased estate.