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Too often we rely on others for our financial success. This could be from the basic remuneration we receive for work done, returns on investments we don’t fully understand how to leverage, or from advice that we need to blindly follow due to our lack of expert knowledge.

The MyWealth Investments Introduction to Trading and Investments programme takes a hands-on approach to guiding you through the basics of the financial markets. This programme will provide you with practical knowledge and skills to help you generate wealth and financial freedom. After learning the fundamentals about the financial markets in this programme, you will gain a deeper understanding of the application and impact these markets have for you as an individual.

A key part of the programme is to simplify the jargon and show you the practicalities of investing using easy-to-understand examples. Innovative approaches for analysing the financial markets will be demonstrated, as well as helping you to determine what type of investor you are, and what investment strategies are best suited to you. If you have been interested in exploring the world of investments, but have not known how to start, then this programme is the perfect first step for you.


Learning Outcomes

Define the term financial markets, the key elements and its function in the economy

Explain the features of the various financial markets and their impact on the financial system

Quantify the relationship between risk reward and how this relates to investment opportunities

Differentiate between Trading and Investing

Understand the concept of Fundamental and Technical  Analysis and its applications


Who should attend

People who have an interest in the stock market but don’t know how to begin investing

People with investments who would like to understand the investment process and investment styles

People who are looking at a potential career in financial markets


Details of the course

The cost of our courses is R4000

The course duration is one day

A personal study guide

Includes coffee / tea and lunch

You will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the course

Includes the understanding and support of professional facilitators available after completion of the course